How it all Started

When I look back and read these last few posts I can’t believe how my life has changed; all because of a 2 hour long documentary.  It started as a juice fast, honestly to lose weight mainly, but also because after I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I realized that I just felt BAD.  I was tired, I was grouchy, and I was ready for a change.  Now, after completing a 50-day fast I had more energy than I ever remember having and I couldn’t stop talking about JUICE!

All my talking finally persuaded Tonia to try some juicing as well.  Tonia was my assistant manager at Barnes & Noble.  I was the store manager and she was my right hand woman.  Tonia has always been into healthy living and exercise, so at first she thought my juicing plan was a fad, but then she starting seeing real results and excitement from me where before there was none.  She couldn’t help but join in on the fun.  I held an informal juicing seminar at my house and Tonia attended.  From then on, Tonia and I were a juice team.

We started holding seminars at Barnes & Noble and soon we realized that people didn’t just want information about juice, they wanted JUICE.  And so we had to figure out how to give our customers what they wanted.  This required several visits to the health department to figure out if what we wanted to do was even possible in Bowling Green.  Luckily, we had a great mentor in Patrick Davis who was supportive and found the answers to all of our questions and is even a customer now!

The next big project was designing and building our commercial kitchen and researching the equipment needed to produce enough juice to take over the world.  The small home juicers we were using were just not going to cut it.   So, while my husband Paul worked on the building and the permits and the design, Tonia and I worked on drumming up business and creating unusual juices with unusual names.  And our friend Mary Jo was feverishly designing our logo, business cards, juice names, website and all things printable.

We sold to family and friends and had a few regular customers that had to pick up their juice from my house in mason jars.  This was a slow process.  Every week we would go to Aldi and purchase all our produce for the week, then we would load it all in our kitchen and bring over the Norwalk Juicer.  At that point we were ready to begin the weekly ritual knows as JUICEFEST!…..

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