Juicing Again!

The other day I was thinking about starting another juice fast.  The last one I did lasted for about 50 days, I felt amazing, had endless amounts of energy and at the end of it I started a new business. So, I would call it fairly successful!  This time I didn’t really have a plan, it was just kind of swirling around in my head that I needed some energy.

Now, I’m at a slight advantage here, I own a juice business.  So, I have juice readily available most of the time.  And generally I drink at least 2 juices a day anyway.  You would think it would be pretty easy for me.  But still, did I want to give up food?  And if I did, for how long?

Then I stumbled across a Facebook group called 30 Day Juicing Challenge.  It was led by someone who believed in juices consisting mainly of vegetables, exercise and plenty of sleep- exactly like me!  Also, the challenge was supposed to start the next day.  So, with no preparation, I joined the group hours before the cutoff and was ready to go.

The timing wasn’t right, I mean, I’m going to be on vacation during this 30 days,  I didn’t slowly wean myself from caffeine, the kids are home for summer, and so many other reasons.  But, those are just excuses.  Because you know what?  The timing will never be right.  Because there is always some celebration revolving around food.  There is always some “girls night out”.  There is always a business lunch.  Sometimes, if you get too much time to plan, you can also talk yourself out of it.

And then I woke up the next day and it was Day 1!  Typically on Day 1 I am filled with excitement and confidence.  I drink my juice, with lots of water and I feel great!  Then it’s Day 2.  I get the headache from caffeine withdrawal, I really want to chew something, and I’m a bit grumpy.  Day 3- I don’t leave the bed except to go to drink juice, drink water or go to the bathroom.  Lots of bathroom visits.  My brain is foggy.  Oh, and I was very grumpy and would be willing to eat my dog.

THEN IT WAS DAY 4!!!  On Day 4 the fog lifted and my headache went away.  I felt more energetic and I no longer desired to eat my dog.  I made dinner for the kids and sat down at the dinner table with them while calmly sipping on my juice.  And it was ok, each day got better.  Don’t get me wrong, I was hungry, but when I got hungry I just drank juice- mostly I missed chewing.  So I bought some gummy vitamins and this was my treat everyday.  I know that sounds weird, but man, I look forward to those vitamins!

Day 5-12- Feeling great!  Some days are harder than others, but overall I feel fantastic!  I’m energetic, I’m sleeping better, and I’ve lost some weight.  The only downside is that I’m drinking my profits!

I’m excited to finish this challenge.  I’m motivated to continue.  I have more passion for my business than ever before.  I’ll keep you updated on the next 18 days!



The dog I didn’t eat.

by Natalie Boddeker

444 thoughts on “Juicing Again!

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